Konsole Font Color

Micah micahjon at ywave.com
Thu Feb 9 09:41:11 PST 2006

Peter Marshall wrote:
> It does not seem like you can specify what color for what thing ....
> I know in Redhat (sorry) there was a grid of colors, each of which was 
> assigned to a different thing within the console.  I was hopeing there 
> was something simular, or evern a text file that I could edit, that 
> would do the same ...
> Peter
> Micah wrote:
>> Peter Marshall wrote:
>>> Hey.
>>> Thanks for the help.  I just tried that and it works great.
>>> However, there does not seem to be an option for the text inside a 
>>> file.  ie.  I am trying to edit httpd.conf, and the text inside the 
>>> file is black.
>>> Peter
>> Settings->Schema
>> or
>> Settings->Configure Konsole->Schema
>> HTH,
>> Micah

Unless you have a weird editor it should obey the foreground and 
background settings in Settings->Configure Konsole->Schema.  My konsole 
has a black background image and I've never had problems with black text 
in directory listings, vi, emacs, or even sshing into Linux and AIX 
boxes.  If you don't like how konsole does it, choose a different 
emulator form the ports collection.


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