Protecting Windows

Brian Astill bastill at
Thu Feb 9 04:09:53 PST 2006

On Thu, 9 Feb 2006 08:10 pm, David Newall wrote:
> Brian Astill wrote:
> > program runs on Windows 2000/XP only.  Why would anyone in their
> > right mind NOT port a program as sensible as this to a SECURE OS?
> I should say that Windows XP is not intrinsically insecure.  You
> can secure it, and I don't mean trivially by removing the network
> connection, but by shutting down unneeded services, replacing
> iexplorer.exe with firefox where possible, and so on.  

Yes - that does seem to be a useful possibility.

> I have heard 
> that Dragon Naturally Speaking is very good, and that seems like a
> good reason to run Windows.

Interesting.  The "spiel" on the Nuance website gave me that 
impression, too.  However the Royal Society for the Blind in Adelaide 
tried v 7 (current is 8) and were VERY unimpressed.


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