Multiple routes to same destination

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Wed Feb 8 13:23:05 PST 2006

Qing Li wrote:

I use mpd to greate one VPN between the sites, using Multilink PPP, so that
data is sent across both links (eitehr round-robon or split packet).
I use MPD's udp transport mode to open two UDP sockets
and send packets from R1 to R4 and from R2 to R3 (in the diagram below).
MPD will automatically detect if on e link is down and redirect 
everything through the remaining link.

>    I have a private patch that's based on radix_mpath for FreeBSD 5.4.
>    I believe andre at is working on a solution.
>    -- Qing
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>Well, in that case, an ISP wouldn't want to use FreeBSD in their core routers :( :(
>In this particular case, I have redundant links (L1 and L2) between two locations 
>(Loc 1 and Loc 2) with two FreeBSD routers at each location (R1/R2, and R3/R4) 
>which are running OSPF to redistribute routing information between locations.
>Since FreeBSD limits the entries for a particular network to only one active entry,
>the all the traffic for would either go on R1->L1->R4 or R2->L2->R3, but not both.
>Loc 1___ /---R1--L1--R4---\___ Loc 2
>	 \---R2--L2--R3---/
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