Multiple routes to same destination

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Wed Feb 8 12:35:51 PST 2006

    I have a private patch that's based on radix_mpath for FreeBSD 5.4.
    I believe andre at is working on a solution.

    -- Qing

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Well, in that case, an ISP wouldn't want to use FreeBSD in their core routers :( :(

In this particular case, I have redundant links (L1 and L2) between two locations 
(Loc 1 and Loc 2) with two FreeBSD routers at each location (R1/R2, and R3/R4) 
which are running OSPF to redistribute routing information between locations.
Since FreeBSD limits the entries for a particular network to only one active entry,
the all the traffic for would either go on R1->L1->R4 or R2->L2->R3, but not both.

Loc 1___ /---R1--L1--R4---\___ Loc 2


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