pxeboot fails to load acpi.ko

Andrew Bogecho andrewb at cs.mcgill.ca
Wed Feb 8 06:53:59 PST 2006


Have you had a look in /boot/device.hints?


I at the moment maintain 2 diskless images, the one for older hardware has
the above setting to disable acpi(machine would hang with it enabled). I
believe setting it to "0" or commenting it out could help you.


> Hey-
> I've been working on a project to automate FreeBSD installations over
> the network, using PXE boot capabilities. I've been following the howtos,
> as documented starting here:
> http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/articles/pxe/index.html
> and http://www.daemonsecurity.com/pxe/jumpstart.html
> I'm having a difficult time finding posts from other people who have
> experienced similar problems.
> Everything is setup. I'm using a tftpd that can handle large files.
> DHCPD is configured correctly. The client boots the PXE boot loader, as
> it should. It then begins loading the kernel. Upon loading the file
> acpi.ko, the boot hangs.
> Doing a tcpdump on the traffic, it looks like the machine receives the
> last packet of acpi.ko, and before it even has a chance to send an ACK,
> it's done. The twirly status bar stops spinning. The machine is doomed for
> a hard reboot.
> I've tried with two very different boxes to ensure it's not a hardware
> anomoly. The machines boot fine from the installation CDs -- loading
> acpi.ko. Further, I started with 5.3-REL, stepped up to 5.4-REL, and
> lastly, 6.0-REL. The problem occurs with all these versions.
> I'm not sure how to continue debugging this problem. Any tips in terms
> of troubleshooting or known workarounds would be great.
> Thanks,
> Chris
> --
> Christopher Cowart
> Unix Systems Administrator
> Residential Computing, UC Berkeley
> "May all your pushes be popped"

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