pxeboot fails to load acpi.ko

Christopher Cowart ccowart at rescomp.berkeley.edu
Tue Feb 7 13:50:30 PST 2006


I've been working on a project to automate FreeBSD installations over
the network, using PXE boot capabilities. I've been following the
howtos, as documented starting here:

I'm having a difficult time finding posts from other people who have
experienced similar problems.

Everything is setup. I'm using a tftpd that can handle large files.
DHCPD is configured correctly. The client boots the PXE boot loader, as
it should. It then begins loading the kernel. Upon loading the file
acpi.ko, the boot hangs. 

Doing a tcpdump on the traffic, it looks like the machine receives the
last packet of acpi.ko, and before it even has a chance to send an ACK,
it's done. The twirly status bar stops spinning. The machine is doomed
for a hard reboot.

I've tried with two very different boxes to ensure it's not a hardware
anomoly. The machines boot fine from the installation CDs -- loading
acpi.ko. Further, I started with 5.3-REL, stepped up to 5.4-REL, and
lastly, 6.0-REL. The problem occurs with all these versions.

I'm not sure how to continue debugging this problem. Any tips in terms
of troubleshooting or known workarounds would be great.


Christopher Cowart
Unix Systems Administrator
Residential Computing, UC Berkeley
"May all your pushes be popped"
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