Help on Tape Backups / Disc Space

Graham Bentley gbentley at
Tue Feb 7 08:26:59 PST 2006

Thanks for the reply Lowell.

> Are you just guessing here, or do you have a reason to think this is
> happening?

Not sure what you mean? I cut and paste the logs so clearly
there is something happening i.e. a reason for those messages?

> A quick look at flexbackup makes me think that it uses
> virtual memory, not file space, to buffer data for spooling.

Yes, I think you are right ! Here is a cut from the conf file :-

# Buffering program - to help streaming
$buffer = 'buffer'; # one of false/buffer/mbuffer
$buffer_megs = '10'; # buffer memory size (in megabytes)
$buffer_fill_pct = '75'; # start writing when buffer this percent full

>  Do you even know for sure that your backup was running at the 
> time that the filesystem full messages were generated?

Unfortunatly not - the times are different so this could two
unrelated issues.

> Maybe.  At some point you filled /data up.  You don't have enough
> information here to indicate why.

If you could indicate which information I would need would that help?

> You will probably want to keep closer track to understand your 
> usage patterns better.

Any tips on how to do that ?

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