Help on Tape Backups / Disc Space

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Tue Feb 7 07:48:24 PST 2006

"Graham Bentley" <gbentley at> writes:

> Can any one comment on the below ;
> candle# df -H
> Filesystem     Size    Used   Avail Capacity  Mounted on
> /dev/ad0s1a    260M     37M    202M    15%    /
> devfs          1.0k    1.0k      0B   100%    /dev
> /dev/ar0s1d    116G     96G     11G    90%    /data
> /dev/ad0s1e    260M     29k    239M     0%    /tmp
> /dev/ad0s1f     37G    934M     33G     3%    /usr
> /dev/ad0s1d    260M    5.4M    234M     2%    /var
> /data is at 90% capacity - its a mount of two discs
> in a raid. The rest of the os install is on a sinlg disc.
> I am using flexbackup, a perl backup script in the ports
> to do backups of /data however the log shows that it
> halts almost immediatly.
> I also notice this at the end of
> pid 90729 (smbd), uid 65534 inumber 2119778 on /data: filesystem full
> pid 90729 (smbd), uid 65534 inumber 2921022 on /data: filesystem full
> pid 90728 (smbd), uid 65534 inumber 1931544 on /data: filesystem full
> pid 90728 (smbd), uid 65534 inumber 1931545 on /data: filesystem full
> pid 90753 (smbd), uid 65534 inumber 1931545 on /data: filesystem full
> I was wondering if flexbackup was trying to use /data also for
> temp spooling of the backup job? /usr is virtually unused so it
> seems to make more sense to use that.

Are you just guessing here, or do you have a reason to think this is
happening?  A quick look at flexbackup makes me think that it uses
virtual memory, not file space, to buffer data for spooling.  Do you
even know for sure that your backup was running at the time that the
filesystem full messages were generated?

> /data was up to 98% but we removed alot of stuff of it. Are we still too
> close to full capacity ?

Maybe.  At some point you filled /data up.  You don't have enough
information here to indicate why.  You will probably want to keep 
closer track to understand your usage patterns better.

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