dhclient in 6.0

Erik Norgaard norgaard at locolomo.org
Mon Feb 6 08:20:03 PST 2006

Robert Huff wrote:
> Erik Norgaard writes:
>>  - Do you use a dhclient.conf from your previous install? These
>>     are incompatible. The new dhclient is a port from OpenBSD who
>>     completely rewrote dhclient. The old is from ISC.
> 	I do not believe this to be correct - the part about
> incompatible config files, that is.  I am using my (ISC)
> dhclient.conf unmodified under (OpenBSD) dhclient with (as far as I
> know) no adverse results.  And I think I specificly remember the
> announcement of the change explicitly saying most config files would
> need no changes.

Ok, let me be more precise, there are options in the old ISC files that 
are not supported in the new and the new also introduces new options.
Of course, whenever possible it is advantageous to reuse keywords and 
meanings. I do not know if dhclient defaults to ignore the unknown or it 
chokes and dies.

Anyway, the problem may be solved by toggling with the dhclient.conf and 
OP does not mention any such thing nor it old files have been left from 
a previous install.

Sniffing on the interface (snort -vC -i fxp0) would give some good clues 
as to where the problem is, maybe no responses get back because the 
request is blocked? or no requests are sent at all?

I don't know if OP have reverted to 5.4 yet.

Cheers, Erik

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