dhclient in 6.0

Robert Huff roberthuff at rcn.com
Mon Feb 6 08:04:32 PST 2006

Erik Norgaard writes:

>  - Do you use a dhclient.conf from your previous install? These
>     are incompatible. The new dhclient is a port from OpenBSD who
>     completely rewrote dhclient. The old is from ISC.

	I do not believe this to be correct - the part about
incompatible config files, that is.  I am using my (ISC)
dhclient.conf unmodified under (OpenBSD) dhclient with (as far as I
know) no adverse results.  And I think I specificly remember the
announcement of the change explicitly saying most config files would
need no changes.

				Robert Huff

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