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On Sunday 05 February 2006 19:31, Greg 'groggy' Lehey wrote:
> On Friday,  3 February 2006 at  8:58:08 +0000, Michael Fleming wrote:
> > On Thu, Feb 02, 2006 at 09:48:56PM -0900, Beech Rintoul wrote:
> >> I have sort of a newbie question. How do I connect to a remote
> >> machine with x-windows and get a desktop? Could someone point me in
> >> the right direction as I've never had a need to to do it before. I
> >> do have ssh to the machine.
> >
> > You'll have to export $DISPLAY=x.x.x.x:0.0 so that the display on the
> > remote machine is displayed on the local.
> Specifically, the DISPLAY environment variable states the name of the
> remote host, the server number and the screen number.  Normally you
> only have one server, which is then 0.  It's quite common to have more
> than one screen: I'm writing this on, but there
> are two further screens called and
>  See
> for an example.
> > You'll also have to forward X11 packets, check your ssh_conf so that
> > "forward X11 yes".
> This is for tunnelling over ssh.  I wouldn't recommend that in a local
> context.
> > I use cygwin on my work laptop ( XP ) and a openvpn connection to my
> > BSD machine then fire up the display on the XP machine.
> It's possible that you'd need it here, but between BSD machines it's
> just overhead.
> One thing that you don't mention is whether the server will listen on
> TCP.  This used to be the default, but it isn't any more.  If you're
> using startx, you'll have to remove the 'nolisten-tcp' option.  See
> If you're using KDE or GNOME, you'll probably have to do something
> similar.  I don't know the details, though.
> Greg

Thank you much for your response, you have clarified a couple of points I 
wasn't sure about. In the short run I went with running a vnc server on the 
box which is supported by KDE. However, I need to learn all of this as I have 
need for it from time to time. Looks like I have a bit homework to do.

Thanks again,



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