Getting a new server

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at
Sun Feb 5 14:11:10 PST 2006

You had said your using spamassasin, that and other content filters like
dspam must have completely received the message before they can scan it.


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>> The beauty of the greylist milter over the way your doing it, is that
>> with
>> your method, the spammer is able to completely send the message to
>> you.
>> Yes I realize the message gets killed in between your outside
>> server and
>> your user's mailbox.  But, the spammer doesen't know that and they
>> think
>> they have successfully sent a message.  Thus it encourages them to
>> keep sending.
>Uhh, no.  They may be sending the message but they get the reject in
>the DATA phase before the smtp connection is done.  The spammer does
>NOT think he has successfully sent the message unless it is one that
>does not care anyway to finish the smtp connection.
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