Why does portsdb -Uu run so long?

Xn Nooby xnooby at gmail.com
Sun Feb 5 08:19:34 PST 2006

> I want to ask you: how long does it take you to cvsup your ports, run
> 'portsdb
> -Uu', and finish with 'portversion -l "<" '? To run 'portsnap fetch
> update',
> then 'portversion -v | grep needs', it took less then 55 seconds and I was
> off upgrading ports. The procedure I used had no errors.

I think it takes about 40 minutes to run portsdb -Uu on my normal P4
desktop, and several hours inside a virtual machine.  My old P3 laptop took
2 hours.  Portsnap took about 1 minute, it was very fast.

"The procedure I used had no errors."

Everyone that knows what they are doing never seem to have a problem.
Generally people say, "I just did a 'portsnap -AbCdDeF' and it worked
great!", but then it turns out that command was one of many that preceeded
and followed it, which they neglected to mention.

Both ways of upgrading work. Neither way will tell you about the conflict
> between pilot-link and libmal. You're going to have to find out about
> during
> an upgrade or, or wait and read about it on the list. So you can't be
> talking
> about that as a problem with portsnap. Just what was the problem you had
> with
> portsnap?

I believe I had a "stale dependency with imagemagic" that I chose to "force"
to continue.  That was on a brand new install, and it happend twice (I tried
reinstalling).  Maybe I can try to recreate it in a VMWare virtual machine
so I can reproduce it.

I think I also got the ruby error, if that was the one that happend about 1
year ago.  I remember doing an upgrade which broke the system, so I
reinstalled it a few days later.

 Also, is it not possible to make a system that does not have conflicts?
Maybe OS's are simply too complex.  It would seem like there should be a way
to kick off a global update and rebuild that started with the core pieces
first, and then moved up the dependency tree level-by-level.  Something that
was 100% guaranteed to work, and took 1 command.

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