Natively supported inexpensive RAID cards

Mike Loiterman mike at
Fri Feb 3 23:56:38 PST 2006

I'm looking to setup a 4 drive SATA RAID 5 file server for mp3, avi, and
other media using 6.0-RELEASE.

It appears that the supported SATA RAID cards listed in
/stand/help/HARDWARE.TXT are all over $400.00.  That's hard for to justify
for this application, unless there are no other choices.  

I'd like to keep this simple, so if the price for that is $450 bucks, well,
I guess I'll have to deal with that.  But, I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask
if are there any well supported SATA RAID cards (meaning setup automatically
recognizes an array setup in the RAID card's BIOS as one drive) in the $100
to $200 range.  I don't need anything other than 5, but other levels would
be nice for future use.  Even better would be a motherboard with onboard
RAID that FreeBSD supported natively.

If there aren't any such cards or motherboards, are there relatively easy
work-arounds using less expensive cards?

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