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On Feb 1, 2006, at 9:56 AM, Lisa Casey wrote:

> Hi Gabor,
>> I'd suggest using courier-imap or something else instead of  
>> qpopper. Afaik, qpopper supports only the mailbox format, which is  
>> slower and less secure than the maildir format used by modern pop3/ 
>> imap servers. Courier-imap has a pop3 and an imap part, both of  
>> them have SSL support and are easily configurable. Your company  
>> migth benefit from running an imap server too. It has a bunch of  
>> advantages over pop3, so this might make your users feel more  
>> appreciated.
> I agree you have a pointg here, my main concerns are:
> 1) I'm used to Sendmail/Qpopper. I'm used to installing these,  
> maintaining these and troubleshooting these. I also want changing  
> over the mail server to be as seamless as possible for our  
> customers. So I don't really want to add a Courier-imap learning  
> curve (for both myself and my customers) right on top of things.

It is easy and the customers don't have to know you made the change.   
They still access everything over pop the sme way they always have.   
I made the change about 4-5 years ago and no-one knew the difference.
> 2) I also am used to (and kind of like) having all of the mailboxes  
> in one location on the system (/var/mail/). How much of a  
> performance hit is there in mbox mailboxes vs mdir format mailboxes?

You can do that.  maildir uses a dir as a cirtual mailbox so you  
would have (in a simple case -- you can make it more hierarchical)


where user1 and user2 and userN are all dirs instead of monolithic  
files.  maildir has the advantage that you can easily go in and fix  
issues in a users mailbox without disturbing the single monolithic  
file, which no longer exists.

courier-imap (which supports both pop and imap in the package) can be  
configurede to put your mail anywhere you darn well please.


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