Best way to partition a small HD

Stephen D. Spencer gladiatr72 at
Fri Feb 3 07:07:35 PST 2006

I agree with the first reply that you should check out 6.0-R; however, with
a 500M drive, I would go with your initial instincts to cut off a piece for
swap and use the rest for a single filesystem.  Unless you know the precise
list of ports, where they go and how much space they take up, slicing up a
drive that small will probably lead to out-of-space head-aches in the
not-so-distant future.  I would also suggest that you read the man page for
newsyslog.conf.  You'll probably want to decrease the number of syslog
archives that are kept.  Also, skip the ports and source install.  Install
your ports via the 'pkg_add -r' command line.

Good luck!

-Stephen Spencer
Lawrence, KS

On 4/25/03, Gunnar Flygt <gunnar.flygt at> wrote:
> I have an old Toshiba laptop with 24MB of RAM and 500MB HD.
> What is the best way of partitioning this disk for 4.7-RELEASE
> or later?
> Should I use 450MB for / and the rest for swap or should I
> bother splitting the partition with / /usr and /var and swap?
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