Best way to partition a small HD

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Fri Feb 3 04:43:54 PST 2006

FreeBSD 4.7 is no longer a supported release.
You really should be looking at doing a fresh
install of 6.0 from scratch so you can take
advantage of the new file system which came out in 5.0.
When it comes to FreeBSD slices on the hard drive, the
sizes created by the auto selection during sysinstall works
just fine. Moving the slices around is for experienced people.
You can really mess up the works trying to play around.

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I have an old Toshiba laptop with 24MB of RAM and 500MB HD.

What is the best way of partitioning this disk for 4.7-RELEASE
or later?

Should I use 450MB for / and the rest for swap or should I
bother splitting the partition with / /usr and /var and swap?

Gunnar Flygt
OPC Data
Sveriges Radio

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