Any idea when Xorg 7.0's coming to FBSD?

Kent Stewart kstewart at
Fri Feb 3 02:57:33 PST 2006

On Thursday 02 February 2006 23:53, Björn König wrote:
> Garrett Cooper schrieb:
> > Erm, unless 6.9 is modular (which I didn't think was the case),
> > there should be a noticeable difference.
> The noticeable difference is that 7.0 takes much more time to compile
> all in all because of its modularity. A German magazine tested both:
> 6.9 took 19 minutes and 7.0 75 minutes on their dual Opteron 246
> machine with 2 GB RAM (source: iX 1/2006).

Differences like that usually point out a poor interaction between the 
files and the make process. For example, if you provide the compiler 
with a list of files, you may only have to load the compiler once but 
you can compile many modules. If you use make and load the compiler 
many times, it will take much longer to build a system. 

We had one program that the computer center manager tried to build and 
after 7 hours, he killed the job. It was only half way done. I 
suggested Microsoft's Power Fortran which loaded once and compiled 
many. The MS Fortran compiler completed the build in 2 minutes. It took 
me around 30 minutes to figure out that it had compiled everything. 

MS Power Fortran went on to be DEC's Fortran for PCs and I don't know 
what it called now. CPU speeds and HD speeds were much slower when this 


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