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Thu Feb 2 20:19:09 PST 2006

On Fri, 3 Feb 2006 05:49:00 +0200, "Giorgos Keramidas"
<keramida at> said:
> > Also, supposing I just subscribed to the mailing list today: is there
> > a way I can reply to a message that appeared on the list last month
> > (that I saw in the web based archive)? I.e a message that was sent to
> > the list before I subscribed to the list.
> You can download "raw" copies of the messages from:
> and import these into your mailer, i.e. this week's freebsd-questions
> traffic is available at:
> By following the [Archive] link near the bottom of the page, you can
> download a compressed mailbox with the messages displayed in each week's
> listing.
> Then replying works as usual :)

Thanks, Giorgos! I assume the compressed mailbox would be in unix
format, and not work with the web mailer I use (
I used to be subscribed to the mailing list but the constant flow
of messages is a bit distracting. I subscribed to the mailing list
again today, and this time set it automatically direct all
messages from the mailing list to a separate folder. Although I
dont think this web mailer let's you automatically delete messages
older than a few days. Which will cause it fill up...


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