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Andreas Rudisch wrote:
> On Wed, 01 Feb 2006 22:12:41 +0100, JD Arnold <jdarnold at>
> wrote:
>> Now that I have my sound card working, I was wondering if there is a
>> port to play streaming music from my favorite college radio station?
>> The live streams from send me "PLS" files, which
>> I understand to be WinAmp "playlist" files.  Is there a FreeBSD app
>> that can play this streaming format?
>> I installed XMMS, but I'm not really sure if there is a plugin for
>> these files.
> PLS-files are usually only normal text files containing a playlist of
> music files or URLs to media streams. All you need to do is open the
> PLS-file and write down the URL. mplayer, vlc or xmms should all be able
> to play the music stream.
> Andreas

If you want to use pls files with XMMS, download them first to a
directory with fetch/wget or your browser, then in the lower left corner
of XMMS, click the "+ FILE" button and browse to the pls file.
Unfortunately with XMMS you can't just put the pls file into "Add URL"
like in Winamp.

If you have VLC, you can go to "File -> Open Network Stream" and paste
the pls directly into that. If you want to use mplayer, do as Andreas
said and open the pls file and write down the URL and port...then
mplayer should have no problem playing that.


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