Playing streaming music

Andreas Rudisch cyb. at
Wed Feb 1 13:28:21 PST 2006

On Wed, 01 Feb 2006 22:12:41 +0100, JD Arnold <jdarnold at>  

> Now that I have my sound card working, I was wondering if there is a
> port to play streaming music from my favorite college radio station?
> The live streams from send me "PLS" files, which
> I understand to be WinAmp "playlist" files.  Is there a FreeBSD app
> that can play this streaming format?
> I installed XMMS, but I'm not really sure if there is a plugin for
> these files.

PLS-files are usually only normal text files containing a playlist of
music files or URLs to media streams. All you need to do is open the
PLS-file and write down the URL. mplayer, vlc or xmms should all be able
to play the music stream.


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