What was done between 6.1-p2 and 6.1-p3?

Bill Moran wmoran at collaborativefusion.com
Mon Aug 21 15:29:54 UTC 2006

I'm in the process of auditing a bunch of systems and upgrading the ones
that need it.

I suddenly realized that the recently upgraded systems are running

Looking at the security portion of the web site.  It shows the most
recent vuln as the sendmail issue that was fixed in 6.1-p2.

I can't find any mention of what was changed between 6.1-p2 and 6.1-p3.
I'm assuming it wasn't the result of a security issue or it would be
documented.  What's going on and how can I find out in the future?

Bill Moran
Collaborative Fusion Inc.

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