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Dan Nelson dnelson at
Thu Aug 17 16:30:26 UTC 2006

In the last episode (Aug 17), Greg Groth said:
> I'm trying to install bandersnatch in conjunction with Jabber2 and
> running into some trouble.  I'm following the how-to at:
> I've installed all of the listed sources from the ports, but when I
> run, I receive the following error:
> Can't locate POE/ in @INC
> It seems that does not exist on my system.  Can
> someone tell me which relevant port would have this module? 
> Installing POE::Preprocessor from CPAN comes up with a blank, as well
> as searching the ports for anything with the same name.

A quick web search shows that POE::Preprocessor was removed from POE in
March. :

 2006-03-11 23:11:39 (r1887) by rcaputo
  poe/lib/POE/ D; poe/lib/POE/Macro D;
  poe/tests/10_units/01_preprocessor D; poe/mylib/preprocessor.perl A;
  poe/mylib/ M

    Remove POE::Preprocessor. Replaced it with a simple, almost one-liner
    preprocessor that's run at Makefile.PL time. 

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