Finding IP Addresses (OT)

beno zope at
Fri Aug 11 07:07:08 UTC 2006

Olivier Nicole wrote:
> I'd advise you not to filter SSH by IP, that would be the best way to
> lock you out of your server.
I did that once :) No fun! But I'll be much more careful this time!
> Even if you find all the IP used by your ISP, you cannot predict when
> the IP range will change, and it DOES change.
Hmmm. Worst-case scenario, the server farm would have access. Thinking...
> If you limit the IP that can SSH to your server, you will not be able
> to login when you are traveling and some urgent administration task
> need to be performed. And the most urgent tasks must often be
> performed when traveling...
I *never* travel! I live in paradise, my needs are minimal and 
satisfied, and I have no reason to travel :)
> Set a strong password to your account (8+ characters, using letters up
> and lower case, numbers and punctuation signs), do not allow SSH to
> root account, enforce using sudo instead of su.
Never heard of sudo before. Looking it over, I don't understand how that 
would be beneficial in my case, since I'm the only one who really does 
anything on the machine. I could and should set it up for those 
occasions when I have others go in, however. Comments?

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