User Information (Easy Questions!)

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Sat Aug 5 15:03:44 UTC 2006

Matthew Seaman writes:

>  > Where does it find the email address?

>  The periodic emails are sent to root at localhost.  There are at
>  least two every day, plus an extra at the end of each week and at
>  the end of each month -- you're expected to set up an alias that
>  forwards them to the sysadmins for the machine.
>  Check /etc/mail/aliases, you should have a line that says
>  something like:
>      root:  youruid
>  in there towards the top. 

	Or you can consider the follofing lines found in my

daily_output="root huff"                                        # user or /file
daily_status_security_output="root huff"                        # user or /file
weekly_output="root huff"                                       # user or /file
monthly_output="root huff"                                      # user or /file

	"Fixing" root in etc/mail/aliases may work for programs for
which this is not desirable.

					Robert Huff


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