RealTek 8139 not identified in FreeBSD

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Thu Aug 3 19:56:22 UTC 2006

Andrew Robinson wrote:
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>> Hello.
>> I have an Acer Aspire 1600 laptop with a RealTek 8139 integrated network card.
>> The card is not identified at all in neither FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE nor in
>> FreeBSD 5-STABLE, not even in DragonFlyBSD (which is a fork of FreeBSD 5 IIRC).
>> "pciconf -lv" does not report back any information on the card at all.
>> Linux and Windows however can identify the card as "RealTek 8139 chip type
>> 'RTL-8100B/8139D' at 0x1800-0x18ff, Memory: EC005000-EC0050FF, IRQ 19".
>> Since FreeBSD is a lot better for my computing needs, is there a way I can
>> get the above card to work correctly (or even work at all) in FreeBSD?
>> Thanks in advance.

Have you compiled miibus support into the kernel? As a sidenote though, 
if you haven't custom built a kernel it should work straight out of the 
box. Also if you build ACPI or APM support into your kernel, the IRQ for 
your ACPI or APM functionality may be the same as the IRQ for your 
Realtek card; thus if you disable your ACPI and APM support and your 
Realtek card just starts to work for you, the problem is IRQ based ;).

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