Replacing windows XP at home.

Joshua Lewis joshua.lewis at
Thu Aug 3 13:05:10 UTC 2006

   That is what I have. I got it out of the handbook. however I may have
   forgotten the quotes. I will try it tonight.

   Now there are several duplicates of that section. Should I updated
   each one for each resolution and each color depth? Should there be
   only one? If I add one for each resolution and color depth combo is
   there a way to switch the resolution in the WM?

   Thanks for the input.
   Joshua Lewis

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     On 8/2/06, Joshua Lewis <joshua.lewis at> wrote:
     >    I am actually not looking for a Windows look alike. I am
     >    replacing my XP system with a BSD solution. I am looking for a
     >    easy to configure and fun WM. I am absolutely looking for
     >    new to use. not Windows like. That is why I was looking at
     >    enlightenment and fluxbox. but there are just so many I was
     hoping to
     >    get ideas as to why one would choose one over the other. Other
     >    personal preference. I have been using enlightenment for about
     a week
     >    and perhaps it is something I did but my resolution is stuck
     >    1600x1280 at 65Hz. My monitor keeps getting mad at me and
     telling me
     >    that is not the recommended solution. I have been trying to
     figure out
     >    how to change it and I have updated the xorg.conf as the
     handbook says
     >    but it still defaults. Unless anyone has an idea why I am
     going to
     >    switch to fluxbox and see how that feels.
     >    I did want to mention that I do agree with your point. I am
     >    for something new and I am looking to experiment with other
     ways of
     >    doing things. But at the same time I would like a little eye
     >    After all with today's power full systems there is nothing
     wrong with
     >    waisting a few CPU cycles to make the experience a little more
     >    enjoyable.
     >    I will certainly give XFCE a try I have seen allot of
     >    for that as well.
     >    Sincerely,
     >    Joshua Lewis
     /etc/X11/xorg.conf should look sorta like this, yours should have
     Display SubSections in it:
     Section "Screen"
            Identifier "Screen0"
            Device     "Card0"
            Monitor    "Monitor0"
            DefaultDepth 24
            SubSection "Display"
                    Viewport   0 0
                    Depth     24
                    Modes   "1280x1024"
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