How can I have dual displays (Laptop screen and TV)?

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Thu Aug 3 19:46:44 UTC 2006

--- "Peter A. Giessel" <pgiessel at> wrote:

> On 2006/08/03 11:29, backyard1454-bsd at
> seems to have typed:
> > Also the H-sync should prolly be 50 hertz locked
> as
> > this seems to be PAL's standard refresh rate.
> My replies don't show up on the list for some reason
> (something about
> how the servers can't find my server's
> FQDN), but I'm pretty
> sure that he needs to set his VertRefresh to 50 for
> PAL (and I've
> sent him a message as such).

I figured as much, I know TV's aren't monitors and so
a range of values didn't seem valid.

Ahhh, your servers don't do a reverse domain name
lookup properly... If they're your servers then you
should be able to fix that. The Complete FreeBSD has
some section on it which is reasonably parsable by
humans... (I kid, I kid gotta learn how to do a DNS
server myself so it's still a little cryptic to me) If
its your ISP I would keep sending them Shame on you
messages until they fix it. I know that reverse domain
lookup is typcially done to help eliminate spam anyway
so you can use that as firepower. if they're using
Mircosoft servers it probably won't be able to be
fixed anytime soon. At least not until Microsoft
starts using standards that don't have their trademark
on it... Although if is your domain then Mac
servers would likely be being used, which means its a
variant of BSD anyway and should be just a simple
configuration change on their end...


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