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Wed Aug 2 23:38:05 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2 Aug 2006, Nikolas Britton wrote:

> This may sound dumb but why don't we just put a registration link on the 
> FreeBSD main page... or "registration" in sysinstall. Isn't this how 
> everyone else handles the problem?

User A installs FreeBSD, registers, works with it for a week, finds he 
isn't getting anything done with it, wipes the drive and goes to something 
else ...

User B installs FreeBSD 5.x, registers, works with it for a while and 
decides to CVSup to -CURRENT, so now we have an artificially high # of 6.x 
installs, and an artificially low # of 7.x installs ... nobody looks to be 
moving to 7.x, therefore why support it from a vendors perspective ...

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