Gotta start somewhere ... how many of us are really out there?

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Wed Aug 2 20:25:26 UTC 2006

Nikolas Britton wrote:

> This may sound dumb but why don't we just put a registration link on
> the FreeBSD main page... or "registration" in sysinstall. Isn't this
> how everyone else handles the problem?
Not on the home page, I would suggest, because a) opt-in registrations 
have really low take-up and b) you want to count systems, not users.  
Who would register once per machine they run?  How could you tell if 
they were lying?  I imagine I could *easily* rustle up a dozen or more 
email addresses and then claim, say 20?  100? hosts per address.

Sysinstall is an option, but then you only get to count from the point 
where you get your change into a new release, and only count from that 
release forward.  Every host running any older version is guaranteed to 
be missed.  Eventually, you will start to get some kind of count, but 
again you will suffer from people who hate registering.  Whether that 
will outnumber hosts lost to other counting methods, I could only guess.

And anything upgraded using cvsup would be missed too.


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