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Yuan, Jue yuanjue02 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 1 11:54:03 UTC 2006

What about the first question? curious too :-)

On Tuesday 01 August 2006 14:51, Erik Norgaard wrote:
> Tyler Spivey wrote:
> > Hello. I'm interested in moving my server from linux to freeBSD, but
> > have several questions:
> > 2. Can Ufs handle crashes very well, or is a very long fsck needed like
> > the old ext2 days?
> Usually fsck will run in the background after boot has finished. On very
> hard crashes you may have to boot into single user to fix it. To avoid
> this, make sure that the base system is on a separate partition, you may
> even want to mount it read-only for security. (I think these are good
> advises on any system).
> > 3. is the restriction of NFS-servers only mounting on partition
> > boundaries going to be removed in the future, if it even still exists?
> You can export an entire partition, with -alldirs option you can mount
> any sub directory with the permissions for that partition, eg:
>    /home -alldirs -network
> You can also export directories individually, but there are some
> restrictions, exporting two directories on the same filesystem to the
> same host must have the same permissions. Eg:
>    /var/diskless/FreeBSD -ro -maproot=root:wheel -network
>    /var/diskless/clt-1/var -maproot=root:wheel
>    /var/diskless/clt-1/tmp -maproot=root:wheel
> This works fine despite the first being -ro and the others -rw, because
> the first line exports to a network and not the host, and the second two
> have same permissions and mappings. But
>    /var/diskless/FreeBSD -ro -maproot=root:wheel -network
>    /var/diskless/clt-1/var -maproot=root:wheel
>    /var/diskless/clt-1/tmp
> doesn't, because of the missing maproot in the last export line.
> Cheers, Erik

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