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On Apr 29, 2006, at 2:07 PM, Gerard Seibert wrote:

> jekillen wrote:
>> On Apr 29, 2006, at 4:21 AM, Gerard Seibert wrote:
>>> jekillen wrote:
>>>> On Apr 28, 2006, at 5:38 PM, Gerard Seibert wrote:
>>>>> jekillen wrote:
>>>>>> Hello:
>>>>>> I have had a problem with installing MySQL 5.0.18 on a FreeBSD v 
>>>>>> 6.0
>>>>>> installation
>>>>>> where everything seems to compile and install correctly but the
>>>>>> server
>>>>>> crashes
>>>>>> immediately on start up with permission to create/write it's .pid
>>>>>> file
>>>>>> denied.
>>>>>> Then the screen saver daemon refuses to start in X windows with a
>>>>>> permission denied
>>>>>> error. It originally worked fine. But at some point recently the
>>>>>> screen
>>>>>> saver quit working.
>>>>>> When I went to Gnome preferences and tried to set the screen 
>>>>>> saver I
>>>>>> was
>>>>>> informed that the screen saver daemon wasn't running. When I tried
>>>>>> to
>>>>>> have it
>>>>>> start I was presented with the permission denied error and to 
>>>>>> check
>>>>>> the
>>>>>> $path
>>>>>> variable.
>>>>>> I tried installing MySQL twice, each time with the same problem.
>>>>>> As I understand it, permissions in Unix are part of the file 
>>>>>> system
>>>>>> format.
>>>>>> The only possible link between MySQL and the screen saver daemon,
>>>>>> possibly, is the
>>>>>> mysql user needed to run mysqld.
>>>>>> Could I have a corrupted file system in such a way as to cause
>>>>>> permission problems?
>>>>>> thanks in advance.
>>>>>> JK
>>>>> Are you starting MySQL with the script in /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ upon
>>>>> bootup?
>>>> Boy that was fast, I just posted this message a moment ago...
>>>> No I was just testing it using the mysqld_safe --user=mysql &
>>>> approach.
>>> It won't work that way.
>> Sorry, yes it does work that way. I've done this on another
>> machine running the same version of FreeBSD and the instruction
>> specifically specify to start the daemon this way to test the install.
>> (I installed from source on both machines using the same source
>> tarball).
>> Every time I start this machine I start MySQL manually this way.
>> (Since this is a production server, it is up continuously and
>> it doesn't have Xwindows installed)
>>>  I made the same mistake once myself. You might
>>> have introduced another problem however. The files created in
>>> '/var/db/mysql' [probable have the wrong permissions set on them.
>> This is a possibility, I'll check it out.
>>> The easiest fix would be to just remove that directory and then start
>>> mysql properly. Usually '/usr/local/etc/rc.d/mysql-server start' 
>>> should
>>> do the trick. The directories will be build correctly.
>>> At then end of the build of mysql are directions for creating users.
>>> You
>>> do that after mysql has been started.
>> not according to the instruction in the INSTALL-SOURCE.
>>>  If you no longer have that
>>> information, I can supply you with it.
>> I'm confused as to the class of user to assign mysql to.
>> It shouldn't be a user that anyone can login as, nor have
>> it's own home dir or login shell should it? adduser asks
>> and expects answers to all these questions. I don't recall
>> what I did on the machine that is running mysql. I guess
>> I could look at the password file on that machine to get
>> some idea.
>> Since the machine that won't start MySQL also has
>> XWindows intalled, the kdm login prompt list mysql
>> as a user that can log into a windowing session.
>> That shouldn't be necessary at all. That is why I
>> think the issue with the screen saver daemon
>> is connected to this.
> Just out of curiosity, are you installing MySQL from the ports system? 
> I
> am just wondering because I have never had to take any extraneous steps
> to get MySQL up and running. After installing from ports, I would just
> run the script in /usr/local/etc/rc.d and things would work fine.
> Obviously, I had to place the mysql_enable="YES" notation in
> /etc/rc.conf prior to starting MySQL. After that I would just create 
> the
> passwords, etc.
No, I installed it from a source tarball following the INSTALL-SOURCE
instructions, the O'Reilly book, MySQL Reference Manual, and 
./configure --help
I did this on two machines with AMD64 processors and FreeBSD v6.0 from
a packaged cd set. On both machines, I installed from the same source 
One has been successful with MySQL and the other not. I have installed 
several other
non trivial software packages from the same source tarballs on both 
and they all went through with glitches that I was able to correct or 
work around.
> I guess there are more than one way to skin a cat.
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