Problem install 6.0 (release) on Sony Vaio TX610P

Mark Myatt mark at
Fri Apr 28 11:16:44 UTC 2006

Just a note to let you know that I have fixed the problem with the 
detection / driver allocation of the onboard NIC in the Sony Vaio TX610P 
(might be useful for others so I write for the archive) ...

I am new to FreeBSD so apologies if I get the exact details / 
terminology of the fix wrong (it worked for me though).

The source for the fxp driver is in:


The NICs that this driver knows about seems to be hard coded in a table 
in the source.

I inserted this line (at line 180 in the 6.0-RELEASE code):

{ 0x1069, -1, "Intel 82562EM/EX/GX Pro/100 Ethernet" },

And re-built and re-installed the kernel. All worked fine after that. I 
think that this NIC is common to the Sony Vaio TX series (to date at 
least) so the same fix should work for other TX series machines.

Now to fix the problem with the wireless card...

Best wishes,


Mark Myatt

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