Help needed compiling printer source code

Malcolm Fitzgerald thats at
Thu Apr 27 04:14:20 UTC 2006

On 27/04/2006, at 7:33 AM, P.U.Kruppa wrote:

> On Wed, 26 Apr 2006, Malcolm Fitzgerald wrote:
>>>> I've set up a printer.
>>>> location: lpt0
>>>> Printer State: idle, accepting jobs
>>>> device URI: parallel:/dev/lpt0
>>>> Printing the test page does not work, the job is aborted with 
>>>> error: client-error-not-possible
>>> The most probable reason for this is that some user permissions are 
>>> set incorrectly. We have to analyze this step by step.
>>> 1) Try to print directly from the command line:
>>>      # printf "Hello World \f" > /dev/lpt0
>>>    If your printer is connected correctly to your parallel port,
>>>    *something* should be printed out.
>> as user I get "cannot create /dev/lpt0: Permission denied"
> That is o.k.. You should try to setup your printer as root first 
> anyway: you always can solve problems with lower user permissions 
> later on.
>> as root I get a blank page
> So at least your printer can print the form feed character "\f"
>                                :-)
> As Robert Huff suggested in his mail one reason might be wrong 
> permissions of your spooler directory.
> 2) If you haven't set it otherwise it should be found at
>      /var/spool/cups
> 3)   # cd /var/spool/
>      # ls -l
>    should show this
>      drwx--x---  3 root   daemon  1536 26 Apr 19:44 cups
> 4) Inside /var/spool/cups you should find some files with
>    names like
>      c00001
>      c00002
>      c00003
>    and so on, each representing one print job.

Yes, I have that. Changing permissions on /var/spool/cups/ to 777 
hasn't changed things.
Each time I try to print a test page from the cups "Printers" page the 
job is aborted.


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