Help needed compiling printer source code

P.U.Kruppa root at
Wed Apr 26 16:58:13 UTC 2006

On Wed, 26 Apr 2006, Malcolm Fitzgerald wrote:

>>> I've set up a printer.
>>> location: lpt0
>>> Printer State: idle, accepting jobs
>>> device URI: parallel:/dev/lpt0
>>> Printing the test page does not work, the job is aborted with error: 
>>> client-error-not-possible
>> The most probable reason for this is that some user permissions are set 
>> incorrectly. We have to analyze this step by step.
>> 1) Try to print directly from the command line:
>>      # printf "Hello World \f" > /dev/lpt0
>>    If your printer is connected correctly to your parallel port,
>>    *something* should be printed out.
> as user I get "cannot create /dev/lpt0: Permission denied"
That is o.k.. You should try to setup your printer as root first 
anyway: you always can solve problems with lower user permissions 
later on.

> as root I get a blank page
So at least your printer can print the form feed character "\f"

As Robert Huff suggested in his mail one reason might be wrong 
permissions of your spooler directory.
2) If you haven't set it otherwise it should be found at
3)   # cd /var/spool/
      # ls -l
    should show this
      drwx--x---  3 root   daemon  1536 26 Apr 19:44 cups 
4) Inside /var/spool/cups you should find some files with
    names like
    and so on, each representing one print job.



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