Strange visual artifacts in upper left corner of screen which respond to mouse activity.....

Miguel Ramos freebsd at
Tue Apr 25 17:01:59 UTC 2006

Ter, 2006-04-25 às 11:53 -0500, Eric Schuele escreveu:
> Well, yes.  That is the case.  FirstVT=9 in gdm.conf.  I only have
> ttyv0-ttyv4 set to on.  So I changed FirstVT to 4.  This had the
> undesirable effect of causing GDM to be unresponsive to the keyboard
> (mouse still worked).  Then I changed FirstVT to 5... keyboard now 
> works. And the odd artifacts remained.
> Did I not make the change you were proposing properly?  I don't believe 
> this has any effect.

No, =9 was ok, since you only use ttyv0-ttyv4. It would be wrong if <=4,
as you experienced.
I'm out of clues. Sorry. I have no such problem. I can't imagine what
may be overwriting the framebuffer.


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