Strange visual artifacts in upper left corner of screen which respond to mouse activity.....

Eric Schuele e.schuele at
Tue Apr 25 16:53:30 UTC 2006

Miguel Ramos wrote:
> Ter, 2006-04-25 às 10:15 -0500, Eric Schuele escreveu:
>> Chuck Swiger wrote:
>>> Eric Schuele wrote:
>>> [ ... ]
>>>> OK... I can tell be the number of replies, everyone just rolled their 
>>>> eyes at me and figured I'm crazy.  But it really does occur.  :)
>>>> FWIW:
>>>> I have found that if I use the GDM provided XDMCP Chooser... that the 
>>>> problem immediately dissapears.
>>>> Anyone have any thoughts on this?
>>> It sounds like something is causing data to get scribbled over video 
>>> memory when you move your mouse, but who knows?
>> That's the assumption I had (but I have no idea how to 'fix' it).  In 
>> fact, if you could see it happen... it even "looks like" memory getting 
>> allocated.  The blocks fill in left to right top to bottom (for the most 
>> part).  First one block... then another.
>>> You should probably not expect replies to a non-trivial message in less 
>>> than 24-hours; 
>> Sorry... my comment regarding the "number of replies" was a failed 
>> attempt at humor.  I realize this is a bit of an odd one.
>> My follow up to my own message was intended to introduce the new tidbit 
>> of info I had found (XDMCP Chooser).
> My hint is very bad (I had a problem once, and assume any problem with
> gdm is the same). What is the value of the FirstVT option
> in /usr/X11R6/etc/gdm/gdm.conf? Is that tty off in /etc/ttys?

Well, yes.  That is the case.  FirstVT=9 in gdm.conf.  I only have
ttyv0-ttyv4 set to on.  So I changed FirstVT to 4.  This had the
undesirable effect of causing GDM to be unresponsive to the keyboard
(mouse still worked).  Then I changed FirstVT to 5... keyboard now 
works. And the odd artifacts remained.

Did I not make the change you were proposing properly?  I don't believe 
this has any effect.


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