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martin at orbweavers.co.uk martin at orbweavers.co.uk
Tue Apr 25 11:44:44 UTC 2006

Hi All,

   I know this is off topic, but I can't think of a good place to ask this
where knowledgable people will answer, and this list usually has a high
tolerence of ot but technical questions (plus I will be using a FreeBSD
server, so it is not _entirely_ OT :)

   I'm looking to setup my server as a domain name server. I already have
it setup for internal use, but last time when I tried to have the
internet at large using it, I had real trouble explaining to my ISP
that I wanted my server as the main domain controller, the best they
could do was pointing www.domain to my server. They wern't even
able/willing to point the mx record directly to my server, it goes
through their relay first.

   It has done the job so far, and there is really no reason why I can't
manage with this, but I am getting a new domain and would like to get
it all sorted out the way I would like (my main justification for
hosting it myself is the flexibility to add on sub-domains and such,
but the real reason is that I am a control freak and like to tinker).

  I assume what should happen is

      - I buy a domain from registrar X
      - X sets that domain to point to my dns server as the master server
      - X hosts a secondary dns server
      - I can then add subdomains to my domain which will directly
propagate on the internet, set the various MX and ilk to whatever I
want etc. without having to contact a 3rd party

  My further assumptions are
      - The secondary server will either update from my server directly OR
I will need to contact X to add anything new for me.

  My questions are -
     a) Are my assumptions correct?
     b) What would be the best way to explain this to a phone drone?
     c) Can anyone recommend a good registrar that will be able to set
this up with minimum fuss (and cost)?
     d) Are there any good reasons not to do it this way (remember, this
is not a mission critical setup, and its main purpose is to tinker)

Martin McCann

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