freebsd install on an i386

Martin Tournoy carpetsmoker at
Sat Apr 22 13:07:16 UTC 2006

> I have downloaded the 6.1rc1 iso. I dont mind downloading the release
> candidate compared to the mainstream because i have been using linux
> for about 4 months and know my way around.
>   I have to do the following,
>       1) install freebsd(on a UFS file system) and dual  boot it with
> windows XP(on fat32 not ntfs). Can freebsd bootmanager do  this by
> itself??
>       2) I use an adsl modem though ethernet card, i used to set it up
> as eth0 in linux.
>   It requires no password or user name.
>   How do i do this in freebsd.
>       Also is there a journalized filesystem and locate command in
> freebsd??
>   Regards
>   Ashok

The FreeBSD boot manager works great, it will automagicly detect your  
partitions and allow you to boot them.

Does you ADSL modem act as router?

Locate works the same as in Linux:
Update you database, type:
periodic weekly
to update it
them just type locate foobar
Also take a look at /etc/locate.rc

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