freebsd install on an i386

Ashok Gautham script_devil at
Thu Apr 20 02:58:30 UTC 2006

I have downloaded the 6.1rc1 iso. I dont mind downloading the release  
candidate compared to the mainstream because i have been using linux  
for about 4 months and know my way around. 
  I have to do the following,
      1) install freebsd(on a UFS file system) and dual  boot it with 
windows XP(on fat32 not ntfs). Can freebsd bootmanager do  this by 
      2) I use an adsl modem though ethernet card, i used to set it up 
as eth0 in linux.
  It requires no password or user name.
  How do i do this in freebsd.
      Also is there a journalized filesystem and locate command in 
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