question on ftp - drag and drop

Greg Barniskis nalists at
Fri Apr 21 14:20:56 UTC 2006

Alex Zbyslaw wrote:
> Kevin Kinsey wrote:
>> Sounds (perhaps) more like a job for Samba than FTP.
> I'd agree with Kevin, but if you do want FTP then maybe try a proper FTP 
> client rather than IE as they may do what you want.  Try maybe FileZilla 
> or CuteFTP.  

I've used Filezilla a lot and like it. IE's FTP functions are a 
[censored] piece of [censored]. (what did you expect? ;).

Another solution you might consider is Unison (or some other file 
system synchronizer), to make everyone's files available on the 
laptops even when they are not connected to a network. I use the 
Cygwin command line version on Windows laptops to sync with a 
FreeBSD central server, but I'm pretty sure there is a Windows GUI 
version available as well. The great bonus of the CLI way is being 
able to script it and make it a (mostly) hands off solution.

If you go that way, be sure all the Unison versions match on every 
host (so be careful with portupgrade and friends).

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