question on ftp - drag and drop

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Fri Apr 21 13:18:59 UTC 2006

Kevin Kinsey wrote:

> David Banning wrote:
>> I am interested in setting up my ftp server so that users can login
>> to their directories and drag files from one sub-directory into another.
>> I am now using ProFTPd. Users are permitted to login to their 
>> directories
>> using the ftp built into IE, and drag files onto their desktop and 
>> back again. They can create files and erase files on the ftp server.
>> I have not figured out how, or if it is possible to cut and paste files
>> from one sub-directory to another. Using IE remotely through ftp
>> you can cut a file, but once in another directory the paste is not
>> available.
>> Where I am going with this is that sales people want to save and access
>> each other's word and excel files on the server from a laptop, over 
>> the net.
> Sounds (perhaps) more like a job for Samba than FTP.

I'd agree with Kevin, but if you do want FTP then maybe try a proper FTP 
client rather than IE as they may do what you want.  Try maybe FileZilla 
or CuteFTP.  I haven't used either extensively but believe that both can 
be free and they get mentioned by people who use <ack pft> Windows for 
something other than games.


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