Installing Free over linux installation

Malcolm Kay malcolm.kay at
Fri Apr 21 09:38:28 UTC 2006

On Wed, 19 Apr 2006 11:40 am, Aguiar Magalhaes wrote:
> Hi list,
> Using standard installation (sysinstall), I'm trying
> to install the FreeBSD 6.0 in the machine where exist
> a old linux installation (The linux will be full
> replaced)
> In the fdisk stage, I've created /, swap, /var, /usr
> and /home slices, but when I confirm, I've received a
> error message about the swap slice:
> "Unable to find device node for /dev/ad0s1b in /dev!
> The creation of filesystem will be aborted"

It seems that you are trying to force your precocieved ideas 
(from Linux) on th DreeBSD installation.

FreeBSD is a UNIX/BSD derivative which has its own partitioning 
system. A slice is treated (more or less) as though it was a 
complete physical device and will normally be subdivided into 
BSD partitions one of which is (partition 'b') is normally used 
for swap. 

If you are using the entive disk for FreeBSD then allocate the 
entire disk as a single FreeBSD slice and then move on to the 
labelling mode where this slice is subdivided for BSD 
partitions. There should be at least 2 visible from sysinstall;
namely ad0s1a containing the root file system and ad0a1b containg 
the swap space. Usually there will be more than 2 visible 
partitions -- it is usual to provide a separate partition 
for /usr and sometimes /home, /var and /tmp.

It is possible to create a swap area in a separate slice but this 
is probably somewhat difficult to do directly through 


> What is it ? How can I fix it ?
> Thanks,
> Aguiar
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