Curious behavior today

Jonathan Horne freebsd at
Tue Apr 18 16:46:15 UTC 2006

> "Jonathan Horne" <freebsd at> writes:
>> ive been working on a pair of test boxes today, and 2 daemons in a row,
>> have installed from ports without the .sh on the end of their startup
>> script.
>> ive done tons of installs on these test boxes, what am i all of a sudden
>> doing wrong?
> Nothing is wrong.
> See "man rc".

well, only reason im asking, as in all my previous test boxes, the start
up scripts seemed to initially appear in /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ already with
the .sh on them.  ive done dovecot and sasl2 a ton of times, its just
seems odd that they start this behavior all of a sudden.


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