System user creation

albi at albi at
Mon Apr 17 00:23:42 UTC 2006

> I am trying to create a system user for a program to use.
> I haven't found any specific instructions for doing this in the FreeBSD
manual or Absolute FreeBSD.
> The program exits with an error saying it can't create/write to a pid file.
> I believe it is the way I used adduser to create it and I don't know
what I did wrong. I assigned it the class bin and disabled the password
and assigned none as the home dir.
> To remove mystery it is MySQL I am trying to get running.

it's a bit unclear what you're trying to do, mysql already runs as a
"non-privileged" user normally

if you want to restrict access to your mysql-database then you can just
create a user in mysql and give that user certain permissions (root in
mysql != root in FreeBSD)

if you really want to run mysql-server as a new user you probably need to
change mysql-config settings or put that user in the group mysql (and
adjust permissions for mysql-files and dirs accordingly)

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