ssh to Freebsd 6.1-UPDATE

Marwan Sultan dead_line at
Sun Apr 16 22:46:31 UTC 2006

But forgot to say that this problem happens when there is no Internet 
connection only!
But when internet sharing presents on my XP all works fine.

Thank you and sorry again.

>  I just fresh installed FreeBSD 6.0R,
>  The box connected to a hub and 1 more computer XP connected to same HUB,
>  on my home LAN, both can ping/replay each other, both NIC interfaces are 
>  XP is the internet gateway. and BSD is
>  The problem is when i Open my SecureCRT in XP and try to SSH (using SSH2) 
>to FreeBSD
>  it never goeson, and on /var/messages always says its timedout.
>  during installation I choose to run SSH, also after the fresh install i 
>checked /etc/inetd.conf
>  and i removed the # from the SSH line, then restarted the inetd.conf,
>  but also the same!
>  I never faced such thing on 4.x, and i heard from somewhere that between 
>SecureCRT and
>  FreeBSD more than 5.x i have to change something in ssh configuration in 
>the box,
>  Anyhelp please?
>  Marwan.
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