ssh to Freebsd 6.1 (help)

Marwan Sultan dead_line at
Sun Apr 16 22:23:12 UTC 2006


  I just fresh installed FreeBSD 6.0R,
  The box connected to a hub and 1 more computer XP connected to same HUB,
  on my home LAN, both can ping/replay each other, both NIC interfaces are 

  XP is the internet gateway. and BSD is

  The problem is when i Open my SecureCRT in XP and try to SSH (using SSH2) 
to FreeBSD
  it never goeson, and on /var/messages always says its timedout.

  during installation I choose to run SSH, also after the fresh install i 
checked /etc/inetd.conf
  and i removed the # from the SSH line, then restarted the inetd.conf,
  but also the same!

  I never faced such thing on 4.x, and i heard from somewhere that between 
SecureCRT and
  FreeBSD more than 5.x i have to change something in ssh configuration in 
the box,

  Anyhelp please?


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