First Upgrade SUCCESS!

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Sun Apr 16 17:03:29 UTC 2006

Grant Peel wrote:
[ ... ]
> 1). Is there a simpler way to run mergmaster. What I wound up doing 
> after going blind reading all the diffs, and saying I would 'Deal With 
> Them LAter" was to re-run it and hit 'i' to accept the newly installed 
> version, as the manpage states 'i' is the most commonly used one. So the 
> question is, is all I really need to deal with now, rc.conf, 
> master.passwd, group, sshd_config etc? Should I be accepting 99% of them 
> with 'i'?

You can accept about 95% of them with 'i'.

Do a "ls -ltr /etc" and worry about merging only those that have been changed 
recently, or at least after the OS was first installed.

> 2). I have a 4.10 and 4.7 server that I need to upgraded. Can I go from 
> them to 6.1 (When RCn is released?) Or will I need to upgrade to 5.x 
> first? Or, would a virgin install be better here?

You could go to 5.5 and then to 6, but it's probably easier to do a binary 
reinstall (possibly on a new drive? a 4.7 machine would have ~5 year or disks in 

> 3). My Primary nameserver is running 5.2.1. Will it be safe, i.e. will 
> the upgrade process leave my MySQL and BIND setups alone? If not, what 
> must I do to save them? (Other than backing them up, which I of course 
> will do).

Ugh.  :-)  You should upgrade anything running 5.2.1 to 5.5 or 6.

> 4). My Secondary nameserver is 4.4 (Yeah, I know ...). Is it safe to 
> upgrade it simlar to whatever the answer to '2' above is? i.e. straight 
> to 6.1, or 5.x first, or clean install?

Build out new 6.x machines and transition your services off your old hardware, 
if you can?  You're going to experience less downtime than trying to upgrade in 
place, and if DNS is mission-critical, you ought to prioritize keeping it going...


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