First Upgrade SUCCESS!

Grant Peel gpeel at
Sun Apr 16 16:47:11 UTC 2006

Hi all,

    After using FreeBSD for many years, and all the time upgrading via 
backing up data and installing from new ISO CD, I have finally decided to 
talke the time and learn source and ports upgrading.

    The first one I did was on a devel server with a few ports installed. 
Upgraded 5.4 RELEASE to 6.1 RC1. Since I have DRAC cards on all the new 
servers I was able to do it completely remote!

    That having been said, I have a couple of questions.

1). Is there a simpler way to run mergmaster. What I wound up doing after 
going blind reading all the diffs, and saying I would 'Deal With Them LAter" 
was to re-run it and hit 'i' to accept the newly installed version, as the 
manpage states 'i' is the most commonly used one. So the question is, is all 
I really need to deal with now, rc.conf, master.passwd, group, sshd_config 
etc? Should I be accepting 99% of them with 'i'?

2). I have a 4.10 and 4.7 server that I need to upgraded. Can I go from them 
to 6.1 (When RCn is released?) Or will I need to upgrade to 5.x first? Or, 
would a virgin install be better here?

3). My Primary nameserver is running 5.2.1. Will it be safe, i.e. will the 
upgrade process leave my MySQL and BIND setups alone? If not, what must I do 
to save them? (Other than backing them up, which I of course will do).

4). My Secondary nameserver is 4.4 (Yeah, I know ...). Is it safe to upgrade 
it simlar to whatever the answer to '2' above is? i.e. straight to 6.1, or 
5.x first, or clean install?

The most help (I think) I need is with dealing with MERGEMASTER' as it seems 
a very 'thick' process to undertake.


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