OpenLDAP2.3.4 server

Darryl Hoar darryl at
Fri Apr 14 18:13:41 UTC 2006

I am running Freebsd 6-Release.  I have 
installed the OpenLDAP2.3.4 server from the ports.
The installation went just fine.

I have modified the default slapd.conf file as per
the basic install instructions I was following.

I started slapd without error.

I tried to add an entry into the directory, but

ldap_bind:  invalid credentials.

I have goodled and searched the OpenLDAP site.
The recommendations on their site didn't fix the

I can post the slapd.conf file contents if necessary.

I tried using slappasswd to generate the password and
then copy it to the slapd.conf file.  No matter what I did
(use default, generate new one } I got the error.

Thanks in advance,

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